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Practice is canceled in response to FCPS, COVID-19 Update from the Superintendent, March 12, 2020, where all extracurricular activities, interscholastic contests, and after-school programs are canceled until April 12.  Carpool will resume once practice resumes - watch for updates.

Welcome to Robinson’s Crew Carpool!  We are looking forward to a great year!

Some reminders: 

Please add your athlete’s cell number the first time you use the rider’s Sign Up Genius.  As the carpool coordinator I would like to have a master list of the riders so if someone does not come to carpool who is signed up, I can contact them directly. 

If you live near Robinson and would like to be on the list for any last-minute drivers, please text me, Jackie Beck at 254-644-8061 with your name.  We will be sending out any last-minute requests for drivers on Slack and by email.  This does happen a few times a month, and it can be a little stressful for the kids and parents who depend on this service, so if you can help, we would always appreciate that!

Drivers, please notify me as soon as you know if you cannot make it.  We are really counting on you! 

You can sign up your rower for the whole season!  ***Just double check on Sundays and take your rower off the SUG if there is a change.  I will run a list a few days in advance, so please text me or have your athlete text me if you do NOT need to use carpool that day. We completely understand!  We just don’t want to be waiting for a no show—and we worry about your kids, too!

Rider Information 

Here is the SignUpGenius link for Rowers:  Rower Sign Up

When we have water practices, any rowers that need transport from Robinson to the water will be required to sign-up for the carpool in advance.  This will help us be sure that we have enough seats for all the rowers. 

Rowers MUST sign-up no later than 5PM the Sunday night prior to the upcoming week. Unfortunately, rowers who have not signed-up for rides by the prior Sunday evening at 5PM will be required to make other travel arrangements to the river.

Rowers must arrive along the side of Robinson Middle School by 3:30PM. 

Please make sure to check in.

The last car will depart at 3:45PM SHARP!! There will be NO exceptions.  Coaches and parents will be notified of ANY rowers who fail to show-up for carpool. 

Driver Information

Here is the SignUpGenius link for Drivers:   Driver Sign Up

Parent volunteers are needed to drive rowers to Sandy Run for water practice.  You will earn TWO HOURS per trip to Sandy Run! 

Sign Up:  When signing up, please provide the number of EMPTY available seats (a seatbelt is required for each passenger) in your vehicle

Arrival:  Arrive at the school for rower pick-up no later than 3:30PM alongside the middle school, just before the preschool, along the access road that runs parallel to Roberts Road. To discourage rowers from crossing the street, your car's passenger side must be closest to the sidewalk (car heading toward the back of the school). The last car will depart at 3:45 sharp!

Check in:  Note: To ensure the proper awarding of service hours, please check in with Jackie prior to departing for the boat house. 

Completed Carpool Form Update

Here is the updated list of driver and rower forms received:   Carpool Forms as of 3/1


Rower form link:  Field Trip Permission Form Link

Driver form link:  Driver's License & Vehicle Insurance Form Link

For more info regarding water practice please click  Crew Practice

Point of Contact: Jackie Beck @