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The Virginia Scholastic Rowing Association (VASRA) provides the venues, organization, resources, and oversight for scholastic competitive rowing regattas on the Occoquan Reservoir, Sandy Run Regional Park, VA,  on the Potomac River at Alexandria, VA, and in cooperation with the Washington Metropolitan Interscholastic Rowing Association ("WMIRA"), on the Potomac River in Georgetown, DC and on the Anacostia River in Washington, DC.

VASRA is an association of Boosters from 39 High Schools and is organized for the express purpose of fostering interscholastic rowing competition between the high school rowing teams in Virginia. The each booster organization actively supports a public or private high school rowing team. The Association provides an organized means of member communication and coordination for the purpose of staging regular season and championship regattas. The Association meets regularly and representatives from each member booster organization have an opportunity to discuss and arrange schedules, divide assignment of responsibility for equipment and personnel, share information of local and regional interest, and promulgate information provided by US Rowing, the national governing body for rowing in the United States.

VASRA functions as an athletic conference since rowing is considered a club sport in many of the participating high schools and, therefore, is not officially administered by those schools. As such, all activities directly sponsor and support scholastic competitive rowing and provide the venue to 1) stage competitive rowing events, 2) ensure regatta structure, safety, fairness, and consistency, 3) ensure overall program oversight, and 4) facilitate communication among member crew booster support organizations.