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Robinson Crew is a competitive varsity sport that receives no funding from Robinson Secondary School. All funding comes from fees and fundraising. During the regular season, Robinson Crew can have 100 athletes participating, and an annual operating budget of over $150,000. The budget pays for boats, rowing machines, coaches, busing, and other costs.

The Robinson Crew Booster Club actively supports the Robinson Athletic Boosters with 100% Athletic Booster membership.

Commitment is a very important part of Crew at Robinson. Commitment is required to withstand the grueling physical demands of the sport, to raise the large amount of money needed to sustain the team, and to keep the second largest Robinson sport at the forefront. Robinson Crew exists not only because the athletes are committed to their sport, but also because the parents are committed to their rowers. Rower unit commitment is a hallmark of Robinson Crew.

All Crew families participate in fundraising and other Club activities throughout the year and in so doing establish a bond and share unique experiences, which is increasingly valuable between teens and parents today. Booster families participate with their rowers in fundraisers, workdays, and regatta support.

To ensure that everyone does their fair share of fundraising, Robinson Crew has established a service hour system. In order to compete, every rower must earn the required service hours (25 service hours for novices, 75 service hours for returning rowers). Service Hours can be earned by volunteering time at fundraising events or by purchasing scrip.


Rowers are expected to participate in these fundraising events:

Tag Day - Every crew member is expected to participate in the Crew Tag Day (door to door soliciting) held annually in February.  All rowers are encouraged to participate in one of the tag days.  Any participation on the second day will earn the team member service hours.

Letter Writing Campaign - Letter writing consists of team members sending letters to friends and family members soliciting donations.  Every novice team member is asked to send 10 letters and every returning team member is asked to send 5 letters.  Student-athletes may send additional letters to earn service hours.  Novice members may send up to 15 additional letters and returning members may send up to 20 additional letters. Each additional letter will earn the athlete 1 service hour credit.  Specific details regarding the letter writing fundraiser will be provided in the winter.