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Robinson Crew practices and competes in harsh weather conditions. Weather can change quickly, so always be prepared for heat, sun, wind, rain, or cold.

Here is a list of clothing and equipment all athletes should have with them:


  • Water bottle! There are water fountains at the boathouse, but athletes need drinking water while out in the boats, in cold or warm weather.

  • Running shoes. Athletes run after practice.

  • Nylon or synthetic shorts or warm-up pants. Athletes must wear form-fitting shorts or pants. Loose or baggy shorts or pants are not allowed, as they may get caught in the boat slides.

  • A short-sleeve or long-sleeve shirt made from technical fabric such as Under Armor, Patagonia Capilene, or COOLMAX. These fabrics keep you warmer and drier by wicking moisture away from skin.

  • A polar fleece jacket or sweatshirt

  • A knit hat (not a baseball cap) during cold weather

  • Sunglasses (or a baseball cap for warmer weather) to protect your eyes from the glare reflecting off the water

  • Gloves

  • Rain gear

  • EXTRA CLOTHES. It is likely that you will get wet while out rowing. Water splashes, and occasionally the wake from a motor launch can splash over the gunwale of the boat, leaving you drenched. It's a necessity to have a warm, dry changes of clothes.

  • Sunscreen

Important: Don't wear anything in the boat that you can't afford to lose. Crew is hard on clothes. Sliding seats tear clothes, and slide grease stains.

Here's a look inside a Captain's Bag...

(one item not shown is SNEAKERS (they were wearing them ;-)!!  Make sure you bring them for any running/land training.